Photo FCA Compliance Services and Training - Augentius Compliance

FCA Compliance Services and Training - Augentius Compliance

FCA Compliance Services and Training - Augentius Compliance

The Best AIFMD Depositary: Augentius

The monetary experts employed at Augentius (au-gentius) understand all the ins-and-outs of handling customer assets. Client satisfaction for Augentius translates to delivering on time and to the requirements. Each fund has its own requirements. That’s why all services are tailored to meet these demands.

Advantages of Being Connected with Augentius

With a keen awareness of restrictions and guidelines, Augentius offers services that meet such demands. Augentius offers depositary facilities using the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive). Having an in-depth understanding about Real Estate funds and Private Equity is, indeed, critical to success in the finance industry.

The passing of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) brought with it particular Reporting requirements under IRS and local IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement) laws... The implications of this have an effect on economic activities in over sixty nations. Augentius is the firm to use for assisting finance corporations in critiquing fund structures and implementation. Augentius guarantees that their clientele will benefit from continuous support in sustaining their FATCA services.

The Truth behind Augentius’ Excellence

With a proven track record, Augentius has confidence in its Disaster Recovery (DR) capability. All corporations wish to be known all over the world but this is not an easy thing to attain. Augenitus realises that meeting all the needs of clients, with an emphasis on reliability and excellence, is of paramount relevance. Augentius is known as one of the best specialists in its sphere due to its wonderful background in offering top-quality financial services.

AIFMD and its Relation to Augentius

Regardless of fluctuations in legislation and a large volume of work, the technical team at Augentius maintains its reliability in providing a superior quality of support. KNEIP and Augentius make certain that that up-to-date tech assistance and reporting software are provided to the customer as a result of every change made, as government bodies modify their expectations. The KNEIP Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) reporting service was tested for several months and it was concluded that it is amongst the most useful computer software that the AIFMD possesses.